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"I was surprised by this universe when I came across innovative tools that will serve to expand the atmosphere of my work." - Oseiais Chinhama 

Professional Development - Young People in Training

Owner Engineering, also known as Customer Engineering, is an approach used in construction and engineering projects where the owner or customer plays an active role in decision making and project management.

In this approach, the owner is more involved in the planning, design, construction, and management stages of the project. Rather than completely delegating technical and management responsibility to a contractor or consultant, the owner works closely with the project team to ensure that its objectives and requirements are met effectively.

Key concepts of Owner Engineering include:

1. Active participation: The owner is directly involved in the project's technical and administrative decisions, contributing his experience and knowledge to ensure that his needs are met.

2. Clear definition of objectives: The owner clearly establishes and communicates the project's objectives and requirements, guiding the work of the project team and ensuring that the desired results are achieved.

3. Control of costs and deadlines: The owner has greater control over the budget and project deadlines, closely monitoring the activities and decisions related to the execution of the work. This may include implementing cost and schedule control systems, and regularly reviewing project progress.

4. Risk management: The owner identifies and assesses risks associated with the project, collaborating with the project team to develop effective risk mitigation and management strategies.


5. Quality and safety: The owner ensures that high quality and safety standards are established at all stages of the project, overseeing the implementation of proper practices and procedures.

6. Participation in decision-making:The owner participates in the selection of suppliers, contractors and consultants, and contributes to the evaluation and approval of projects and proposed changes.

Owner Engineering is most often used on large or complex projects where the owner has the ability and interest to take greater control over the development of the project. This approach allows the owner greater transparency and control over the project, ensuring that their specific expectations and objectives are met. 

As part of the development of our professionals, we promote the use of tools that allow you to visualize the interface between the different disciplines that make up a project. Urbanismos e Arquitetura, which 2 years of training is contributing to a better definition of the Hospital Materno-Infantil do Cacuaco, its participation with more experienced professionals proposes alternatives that make the projects viable

"Me surpreendi com este universo ao deparar com ferramentas inovadoras que servirão para ampliar a atmosfera do meu trabalho ."
- Oseiais Chinhama 
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